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Here to take your business from survival to steady? We combine the science of data analysis and the art of writing to help you get audience smart, position your brand, and turn curious onlookers into engaged community members and customers.

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Dear fellow founder,

Ready to achieve your next big goal?

You'll need some words for that. From website launches to weekly newsletters, the way you share your story defines how people perceive your products or service. That’s why we're not just another digital marketing or SEO agency who offer copy and communications as an ‘add-on’ service.

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How IT works:

Discover who you are beyond your product or service, how to communicate your message, and own your difference to be the #1 choice in your market.

With our Words First method, watch strategic, story-driven copy build your community and position your brand as a leader in your industry.

Need a review of your marketing for some reliable feedback and next step action items? We’ve got options for every budget.

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Words create conversation. And it's rousing the right conversations that can take your brand from “who are they?” to “there’s only one business I trust for this.”

If you’re ready to build a community that looks to you for five star services or must-have products, I’m ready to support you with the creative copy and strategy to match. 

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I just have to say...WOW! You nailed it. You totally captured the big brand feel with all the SEO gems interspersed. 

Highly Recommend!

- chelsea, vitality collective

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From keyword research to done & dusted messaging that sounds like you (and your customers), this is the foundation every business needs to show off their stuff.

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Have someone on the sidelines who can guide you through the next big decision with a strategic lens.

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Thinking about launching or refreshing your website content, brand voice, or marketing strategy? Not sure just yet if we're a good fit? Here's a few posts to give you more insight into our expertise and how it all works.

NO. 1 - Why You Need A Words First Approach


No. 2 - copywriting tips to attract clients and customers


No. 3 - our Process for clear, compelling messaging

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Grab an end-of-day cerveza and enjoy musings from a professional website copywriter in Vancouver, BC. Also find proven copywriting, branding, and marketing techniques you can apply to your business today.


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From BRIEF to BRAND is our free workbook that helps you assess the current gaps in your website and understand your short and long-term goals.

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let words do the selling FOr you.

With a dash of data and a splash of professional copywriting, get high-impact messaging that lets people experience your brand, become part of your community, and feel excited to tell their friends about you.



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