Meet Your Creative Team

Whether it’s strategic sales copy for an email or powerful storytelling in the form of website content and social posts – get ready to educate and engage your audience.

Our Mission –

To help you stand out through the power of words while cultivating a positive work environment.

Ever wonder why you can’t just purchase a template that magics the perfect opening sentence (without edits) or delivers a unicorn brand tagline you’d actually write home about? It’s because good writing is hard – and your brand is wonderfully, definitively unique. It’s also the very same reason this company exists: to amplify your voice and tell your story the way it truly deserves.

Our strategic Words First approach stems from the knowledge that the right sentence can be the difference between an engaged community and hollow echoes. We’ll work directly with you to build your community and clientele through clear, authentic messaging and high-converting copywriting. But we won’t just stop there. We’ll also turn your data into easy-to-use information you can understand and leverage, because combining facts with stories is the ultimate powerhouse for sustainable success.

What’s more, at the heart of our craft also lies the desire to create a positive experience for everyone involved. This means opening the door to creativity, collaboration and constructive feedback, as well as being an inclusive space where your vision can thrive and dreaming big is encouraged.

Our goal is that you walk away feeling as good about working with us as you do about your new, personality-infused copy, successful marketing funnels and dynamic brand books. Lucky for us, we also have the five-star reviews to back it up!

I worked with Melissa for over 18 months as she assisted our sales team with all our marketing initiatives. Melissa was always finding new ways to streamline lead handoff, creating great content for the team, and brainstorming engaging marketing initiaves to connect with prospects and current clients. A talented writer with an ability to get the job done on time.

Celeste Lee

Edlio, US

Your strategic partner big on people and purpose


Hi there, I’m Melissa: lover of literature, excessively large mugs of tea and outdoor adventures. Also the person who will definitely lie awake at 2am thinking about the slogan for your next campaign.

The reason I’ll do this is because I truly believe in the power of words. In their ability to move and inspire people. It’s why I always ask the question: “who are your favourite brands and why?”

At some point, we’ve all fallen for a product or service. An interior designer known for complex colour pairings and satiric humour. An aromatic face wash that left you feeling ultra fresh or a sustainable clothing brand who valued ethical consumption. Perhaps it was even a software company who changed the game for your business.

Regardless of the industry, there’s always one thing they have in common: a consistent message, a captivating story, and a passionate copywriter in their back pocket.

And that’s where I come in! I’ve proudly worked across 20+ industries to create copy that allows founders like you to celebrate your personality, tell your story and reach your community. All while remembering to have fun in the process!

If you value authentic relationships, inspiring narratives and brainstorming new, exciting strategies to build something big – hit that button below!

I’ll provide the research, ideas and wordy wisdom to help get people excited about your product or service.

Our Design Partners

Once upon a time, My Networks offered a range of design services. However, as our business grew we decided to focus on what we love to do best: copywriting and marketing or brand strategy. That’s why we’ve teamed up with two amazingly talented creatives so you can still have your copy and design completed by the same team in one seamless process.

Audrey Thizy | Audrey Thizy Creative Studio

Past clients include Chiwis + Squamish Nook Refillery


Iveta Lekesova | Ivivid Graphic Design

Past clients include Vancouver Int. Mountain Film Festival + She Summits