Marketing My Business: Benefits of an Objective Perspective

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“Surely when marketing my business, I need to think about what makes me special…what makes me the best product or service around?”

This would be your unique selling point. And historically…your unique selling point might have been enough to generate revenue. In the modern era of digital enterprises and ever-growing markets however, marketing now requires a well-developed strategy alongside your value proposition.

As a business owner or manager, we often wear many hats and it can be hard to separate ourselves from the long hours we’ve put in…the money we’ve invested…or the passion we have for what we’re creating. Of course, we have the best offering! However, you also need to be able to take a step back from why YOU think you are the best company with the best product/service…and start imagining why it might be the best solution for your customers.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some questions to ask before starting your next marketing initiative:

1. What is the problem I am solving for my audience?

For example at My Networks, we help businesses save time and increase revenue through the power of storytelling and data analysis.

The problems we solve are:

  • Lack of knowledge how to understand and leverage data
  • Unable to find the right words to inspire and engage your audience whilst simultaneously sharing your vision
  • Not knowing where or how to start building a strategic marketing plan and set realistic goals

What problem or pain point does your company solve? Let us know!

2. Who is my audience?

As many businesses have found out the hard way, you can’t begin to market your product/service until you know who you are speaking to.

We have to use our data to see who is engaging and purchasing, or create a buyer persona that will help conceptualize what type of people will be interested in our product: what are their interests, where do they hang out in the digital space?

Without this knowledge, we can’t truly know what language to use or methods to spark interest etc.

3. Is it ethical and will my audience respond positively?

As marketers, we have to be aware that spam, scaremongering (EG…buy this now or you will die ), and quick fix practices like keyword stuffing (on your SEO) are not a long-term solution to building your community.

In other words, is sending someone ten emails every day going to make them want to be part of your community? Probably not.

Is getting banned on Google for an attempt at a quick boost in traffic going to help me develop trust and authority with my community? I think you already know the answer.

Ethical marketing reinforces positive brand values, ultimately helping you create loyal customers and authentic relationships.

4. What purpose does this serve?

An activity without purpose is like a ship without water…and where’s the fun in that?

For every marketing initiative you begin, we want you to ask what is the intention of this piece of content/ marketing initiative for your audience.

It might have an end-goal of boosting revenue or increasing traffic, but in order to do that effectively we must first think about the purpose of what we are creating. For example:

Am I educating my audience?
Am I entertaining my audience?
Am I inspiring my audience to take an action?

When we know our purpose, we can monitor results and achieve our goals. 

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