How Brands Like Saje Repositioned to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

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Show Them All You’re Not The Ordinary Type…

Competing in a wildly saturated market? It can be hard to position yourself as a leader in your industry when thousands of others around you seem to be selling a similar product or service.

Many times when we send clients our intake questionnaire, we ask the question: what do you believe makes you unique? And many times, the answers we receive lack true clarity, state too many USPs, or founders simply have no idea (and that’s why they need our help!).

Today, we’re taking the microscope to popular Canadian health brand Saje, a leading supplier of natural essential oils. Saje competed against large brands like doTerra and Aura Cacia but still managed to earn a place in the hearts of wellness advocates worldwide. So how did they reposition themselves to truly stand out?

Firstly, Saje works extremely hard to live up to its tagline “nothing to hide”. Every ingredient is listed on their bottles and every oil is declared as 100% natural and totally clean – but aren’t all the other brands doing exactly the same?

Some Examples Of How Their Competitors Are Positioned:

  1. Most affordable
  2. Oils for the whole household (kid-safe)
  3. 100% oils with no preservatives added
  4. Oils for therapy and at-home therapeutic purposes
  5. 100% cruelty free, never tested on animals

How Saje Responded: Oils to boost wellness, naturally.

Saje took to the aromatherapy circuit and repositioned their brand to focus on and redefine personal wellness. Rather than the message “plant power is for everyone,” Saje moved towards the health benefits of essential oils and zeroed in on educating their clients. They shifted to ad slogans like “relieve pain, recover naturally” and hero headlines such as “wellness is our love language”, which took their brand from liked to loved. It meant customers began to look to the brand’s products to improve their physical and emotional wellness, naturally.

This new direction was implemented across all touchpoints of the brand from social media campaigns and videos to window displays and landing pages. Hashtags like #naturalhealing, highlighted values of worry-free wellness and a new LEARN section on their website with their very own ingredient garden were brought to life. 

Across their (extremely well branded) highstreet stores and online home, customers can also shop blends labelled Stress Release, Sleep Well and Extra Strength. The focus is on the health of customers and where they currently need assistance – a bad back, a headache, a bout of anxiety-induced insomnia?

You can even find celebs like prolific actress Julianna Moore and The Good Wife’s Josh Charles raving about the oil’s healing powers, as well as powerhouse names like Hailey Bieber who was spotted with her Saje pocket pharmacy while in New York.

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Knowledge is powerful, and so is nature.

Saje has grown into a brand well loved for their natural pain relief, remedies and oils to improve both physical and emotional wellness. Although the market may have appeared saturated, brands like Saje are proof that with the right positioning – there is always a way to stand out and make your mark.

How is your business different from the rest? How are you positioned to cut through the noise?


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