Why You Need a Words First Approach to Business

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If words were a food, they would be the classic custard turned into a lavish Crème Caramel. In simple terms, they have the power to transform. That’s why copywriters like us spend hours deliberating over that one phrase or sentence choice…because guess what? It might be the thing you become most known for (and the reason your customers first engage with your brand!).


The Story of Robert Hider

Robert Hider took the plunge and decided to hire help for a rebrand. He launched his wedding photography business 5 years ago, but needed to freshen things up. His photography was bright, spacious and unfolding – he now desired a brand to match his aesthetic.

Robert had $8,000 of hard earned cash to spend. He sifted through fistfuls of introductions and was ecstatic when he found the designer he wanted. The designer who would complete a modern and stylish website for $7,999. The result?

Half a website. 

How You Communicate Matters

Many times, we watch as business owners and entrepreneurs throw all their beautiful chips in for their design and leave nothing to cash in for their copy. And honestly, there’s nothing more tear-inducing than seeing things like:

  • an expensive website with boring or vague headlines
  • an email or blog post with no clear CTAs or message
  • heaps of repetition, spelling mistakes or beginning every sentence with the same words, like I.
  • no brand values and no solution to a problem

That’s why we always take a Words First approach. And when we say words first, that doesn’t mean we don’t spend time researching or dissecting your intake forms before we put pen to paper (or fingers to laptops). It means we prioritize and understand the importance of your messaging.  

Here’s the 5 main benefits of Prioritizing Your Copy:

1. Words Sell

Words give you the ability to evoke emotion and tell someone why and how you can solve their problem. For example: A mother of 5 is tired of ruining her favourite blankets because her children always spill things on it. It’s summer, and she also needs to find activities to entertain them. Insert your product: the perfect washable picnic throw with a modern design. Your email to her says something like:

“Hey Veronica, 

Kids can be messy. I know. In fact, I’m watching my daughter throw spaghetti on the floor as we speak. YEY.

That’s why I’ve designed the perfect washable picnic blanket that lets us mums stay stylish while keeping our kids entertained. Think bite-sized food and time outside in the sunshine. 

I won’t blame you if you sneak that glass of pinot too. We’re in this together.

Heather called it “the best summer rug I ever bought” but I’d love to know what you think!

Become a professional picnicer? Yes please.”

…You’ve undoubtedly heard this before, but it’s emotion and stories that resonate and urge your audience to take action, whether that means they hit save, click like, fill in your form or read more of what you have to say.

2. Words Position You As A Thought Leader

There is nothing more powerful than sharing expert insight that positions you as a leader in your industry. People want to work and play with people who have something interesting to offer. They want to be inspired, excited, and educated. For example:

Copywriters share writing tips

Lifestyle brands share how they’ve become 100% plastic free

Real estate agents share insider market stats

Food brands share their journey to creating a new and improved recipe

What will you share?

 3. Words Build Relationships

Hi [First Name]. 

Hands up if you’ve received an email like this? How did it make you feel? 

Annoyed. Disengaged. Urged to immediately mark as spam.

It’s the ultimate no-go as a marketer (check your data fields) because it shines light on the fact this is a mass email. People aren’t stupid, they probably know it’s a mass email. But people want to feel special anyway.

When done correctly, words are the perfect segue to personalization and relationship building. Hi Melissa,    – now that’s a great start to an email.

 4. Words Tell Your Story

People are interested in people. And it’s our belief there isn’t one person on this planet without a unique and captivating story, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. That’s why website copy and brand strategy are one of our most popular signature offers – because we love to dig deeper to find your why and share it with the world.

Even if you don’t see it yet – your story matters. It’s time to share it the way it deserves.

 5. Words Create Flow and Dictate The Buyer’s Journey

When working alongside designers, the copy always comes first. We may be handed a wireframe (a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website), but not one button will go live until the copy is completed.

That’s because words create the narrative, which ultimately creates the flow that guides your readers through the buyer’s journey.

So.. when Malcolm asks: “Why would I hire a copywriter when I can write it myself?”

We’ll say: “Because it takes more than one night sat at your laptop with an extra large cup of coffee to master this skill. It takes years of dedication and study.”

So can you write your own copy? You most certainly can, Malcolm!

Our question is: will it connect and convert? 

Will it represent your brand the way it deserves?


Looking for the perfect person to help you with your website copy, email marketing, brand strategy or perhaps an ear to bounce ideas off? You’re in the right place! Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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If words were a food, they would be the classic custard turned into a lavish Crème Caramel. In simple terms, they have the power to transform.

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