How to Write a Professional About Us Page. Hint: You’re Not The Hero.

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Have you ever stared at your blank page, trying to write an impactful About Page wondering:

  • How can I condense my life and business story into a few paragraphs?
  • Why do I need this – does anyone really care?
  • Where should I even begin? Oh, and what the hell should I include?
  • Should I use an artificial intelligence copywriter and just get something up already?

If you recognize yourself in any of the questions above, keep reading, because this blog is for you.

About Us pages build trust and credibility. But when it comes to writing a great about page, it’s not just a place to list where you went to university and what job positions you previously held.

And yes, we’ve all been there – when someone asks us about ourselves and we list some generic facts like we’re employed by so-and-so or what we cooked for dinner last night. Perhaps if we wrote this on your about page, no one really would care. 

But imagine if you could write an about page with a story that made people WANT to buy from you? Or are DYING to work with you? 

Here’s how you can do it with the insight from a story-focused content writer…

1. Include Your Audience 

Here’s the thing. Your About Us page isn’t really about you at all. Yes, it needs to showcase your story and put a face to your brand, but it should always come back to your customers and what you can do for them. For example: 

  • how can the AH-HA moment that led to building your business be used to now serve your customers? 
  • what do you (and team members if you have them) love so much you dedicated your life to and now can’t wait to use to help others?
  • how can your idea change lives for the better?

The secret is to paint a picture so vivid they don’t have to create a bridge – but rather walk right across and meet you there. Try to avoid making yourself the hero of the story while still showing people what you’re all about.

2. Include Your Mission Statement  

People want to feel the essence of a brand, and your mission should go beyond your product or service. Here’s a couple of examples: 

An electrician might want to provide long-term safety for his community.

An interior designer might want to bring more colour into people’s lives so they can live happier

A jewelry maker might want to offer jewelry that’s 100% sustainable to help our planet survive

An Airbnb rental might want to make you feel so at home so you can bring your slippers and relax while saving money

Using this as a starting point, can you craft your brand or company mission statement? It should be aspirational, and show the future goals of your company, what you are working towards, and why.

3. Include Your Values

Are you a sustainable lifestyle brand who can use your About Us page to showcase your passion for environmental initiatives or processes that help reduce your carbon footprint? 

Are you a marketing company who cares about creativity so much you always go one step further to inspire your clients to think bigger and be bolder? 

Or are you a renovation company who values honest communication so you can truly understand your clients and pave the way for better working relationships? 

When it comes to sharing your brand and company values, remember they should also be the values of your customers. 

That doesn’t mean they should be inauthentic.  

It means this is the perfect place to form a connection with your customers through world values you both share. (Again – that transcends your product and services).  Avoid writing things like: you value the latest collection in your shop because it’s super cool or the fact your customers bought 1000 online courses in one week upon launch.

4. Tell Your Personal Story 

When telling your personal story, there’s a few things you need to include:

  1. How or why the company was born
  2. who you serve
  3. why you serve them and how your unique expertise can help

But here’s the trick: HOW you tell your story is the key. You don’t just want to say something like: 

“This company was born in 1999 for horse lovers who wanted to help us save horses who would have otherwise been slaughtered. We use our 10+ years of experience to give them the best quality care and second chance at life.” 

Because… where’s the want-to-read-more in that?  The key ingredient to any About Page is setting the story. You need to bring your readers along the journey with you in a way that makes them feel emotionally invested in what you are trying to achieve and excited to act when they reach your call to action.

5. Pepper with a testimonial (if you’re a service-based business)

People trust people, which is why testimonials are a marketing strategy that work every single time.  

If you’re a service-based business, there isn’t a page on your website that should be devoid of testimonials (minus your contact) – and yes, that includes your about page.  

Make it your mission to gather some community love from your customers and shine a light on it everywhere *potential leads* will go. It’s a great chance to reinforce the results you have worked hard for and show others how you’ve impacted your clients’ lives… in their own words. The real bonus! 

For product based businesses, a testimonial on your about page isn’t necessary – but make sure you have all those juicy reviews ready to go alongside the products on your online shop. 

6. Add A CTA (Call To Action) or CTV (Call To Value) 

Last but not least, make sure you have a clear call to action or call to value. This is a strategic move that shouldn’t be missed, because people need to know what you want them to do next.  

Always ask yourself: would I struggle to understand how to buy my product or inquire about my service after reading this? If the answer is yes – get that editor’s hat on and make a few tweaks.

It goes without saying that people don’t want to have to do extra work where possible. Hannah had a long day at the office and Scott receives 5 unsolicited quotes per month. How can you make it easy for them and deliver a great user experience?

Some examples could be a button that reads:  

  • Book Your Free Consult Today
  • Find Your Dream Dress With Yvonne Today
  • Get My Free Download Now
  • Fall In Love With Your Home Again

    …And now with everything said and done, the tables turn to you.

Can you use these 6 tips to guide and improve your About page? Think you’d like even more help making your words sound polished and personal? Get in touch today to set up your free consult and discuss your needs.

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