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Wondering what happens when you hand your hard-earned cash over to a copywriter? 

Wondering whether they can truly capture the essence of your brand and develop a voice that instills everything you value? 

Wondering if they can make a REAL difference in your business? 

Here’s a couple stats to feast your eyes upon before we get into our personal HOW:

  • 59% of web users would intentionally avoid patronizing businesses with obvious spelling or grammar errors in their copy (Realbusiness)
  • If people love a brand story, they are 55% more likely to buy the product, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately (Headstream)
  • 77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do (Havas Group)
  • 86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media (Tailorbrands)
  • 82% of consumers feel more positive about a business after reading customized content (Tailorbrands)

Which means? It’s not just us shouting about the power of brand messaging and user-focused content creation from the rooftops. And the reason is simple:

Words sell.
Brand strategy builds community.
Good writing establishes a professional identity and helps your story resonate with the right people.

In order for us to make words count for your business in the same way, here’s the proven process we undergo if you choose to work with Melissa:

1. Discovery call and contract 

We’ll hop on a call to discuss your needs, goals and desires, as well as discuss recommendations and how we think we can best help. If we seem like a perfect fit, Melissa will put together your contract outlining your proposed scope of work to make sure we’re all on the same page, with pricing and T&Cs.

2. Intake Questionnaire 

Every client questionnaire is unique and tailored to our discovery call. This is where you will need to take some time to sit down and share detailed information about you and your business. We’ll deep dive into why you started your endeavour, what you believe makes you different, your tone of voice and other core brand components. This questionnaire is critical to the creative process and requires as much detail as possible.

3. Research and first draft

Using the information from the questionnaire and our carefully crafted notes from any discussions we have had, Melissa will conduct more indepth research and begin your first draft. Whether it’s website copy or a series of welcome emails etc, this is where the strategy and creativity truly begin.

Side note: if you are using one of our design partners or have another designer of your choice, Melissa will work closely with them to ensure both components work together seamlessly.

4. Your review and feedback

Once the first draft is complete, we’ll send it to you in a collaborative Google Doc where you will have the opportunity to leave feedback ready for your first round of edits. This is where honestly is the best policy – if there’s something you LOVE, tell us. If there’s something you HATE, tell us. 

Melissa can tweak according to your preferences and although it may be almost perfect, it’s rare that our clients won’t want to sprinkle on their own expertise and adjust a few things. That’s why although we do the heavy lifting, this process is a collaboration where we all have an input and share our knowledge.

5. One to three rounds of edits

The amount of edits you receive will depend upon your chosen package. IF you would like more edits than our contract agreement, we can do this no problem for an extra hourly fee. From experience, 1-3 rounds of edits is the sweet spot.

6. Launch

The moment you’ve been waiting for! We’ll hop on a call to check everything is just right and wrap up any final details. You’re then all set to release your new copy into the wild. We’ll raise a glass and watch the amazing results roll in.

*Timelines will vary based upon package and chosen copy or content writing service.

Sound like this may be the piña  to your colada? Get in touch today and let’s create some personality-infused copy that works hard to grow your network.

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