The Secret to Conversion: Cue Your Product Descriptions

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How would you feel if you knew the majority of your customers were reading your product descriptions before they purchased – 

Quietly confident or…

a little embarrassed?

According to Salsify’s 2017 “Cracking the Consumer Code” report, 87% of consumers rate product content extremely/very important when deciding to buy. That’s why every booming brand – from the likes of Harrods to Frank Body and Apple – have got some serious conversion copywriting on their product descriptions.

Note: product descriptions are NOT just a list of prices and features. They’re detailed, informative, and personality-packed.

Example One (Harrods)

product descriptions

Example Two (Frank Body)

conversion product descriptions

Example Three (Apple)

product descriptions

If you’d like to try to improve or create some new product descriptions, here’s 6 simple steps to get them conversion-ready:

6 simple steps to write your next product descriptions:

  1. Start with an intro that grabs attention

Otherwise called the hook. What is going to get your audience’s attention? What matters to them, what do they need, what is unique about your product (or service)?

  1. Clearly explain what it is 

and how it can enhance the person’s life or make them feel. Appeal to your target audience’s imagination and try to tell a micro-story with a beginning, middle and end.

  1. Use writing techniques like onomatopoeia

For example, food restaurants could describe their star ingredient as crunchy with a squeeze or splash of fresh lime. Or an essential oils could describe their latest blend as crisp yet smooth. Writing techniques like this help add interest and appeal to the senses.

  1. Put your features/technical details in bullet points 

Your audience needs to know exactly what they’re getting, but bullets make that list of not-so-sexy but very interesting features easier to digest

  1. Add in some keywords

The more keywords you have on your website, the more likely you are to rank for them. That’s why product descriptions are the perfect place to scatter some SEO keywords. Just remember our motto: never leave a page behind.

  1. Share some social proof (reviews) below

People like people. And people want to know what other people thought in order to make their decision – “If Barbara S and Steve M loved it, I’m sure I will too”.

Remember your brand’s tone of voice is crucial when it comes to your descriptions. If you’re known to be “cheeky and punchy” – have some eye-raising, belly-laughing fun with it! If you’re known to be “futuristic and innovative” – grab that trailblazing terminology and scream lift off.


With these 6 steps, you’ve got the knowledge to sprinkle some conversion copywriting on your product descriptions. However, if you still think you need some help, don’t wait to send us an email and let’s see if we can collaborate. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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