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Wondering which SEO services you *really* need to get your website functioning at its best? 

With endless aisles of jargon-filled messaging out there, I want to make it easy to create your seo marketing checklist. As a website copywriter & content writer, there’s always 5 on-page SEO basics I implement to get your new copy ready for launch – and today I’m going to share them with you:

The 5 Essential SEO Services We Offer:

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is basically identifying and analyzing the words or phrases people use when searching for information around your products or services. 

By understanding the keywords relevant to your industry, you can add them into your website’s content to show up when people search for that type of content.

For example: Property manager Arizona or Non toxic cookware

I personally use Google Keyword Planner to help me find relevant keywords with high search volumes and low competition. But the REAL key to this is seeing your search terms used in the wild. For example, once you have your keyword(s), make sure you test it out to see whether they will in fact relate to your own content. Here’s an example:

*I recently wrote website content on neurofeedback, hence the example!

  1. Keyword Implementation

Once you’ve chosen your target keywords, it’s crucial to implement them effectively throughout your website. With that said, there’s nothing worse than content stuffing (repeating the same words on repeat) or creating content for Google’s sake. 

Here’s an example of SEO marketing from the famous UK football club, Manchester United. Can you guess the keyword?

“Suit up like your favourite Man United heroes when you watch the next match with newly released Manchester United kits in sizes for men, women and youth, available in the widest assortment here at the Manchester United store. No supporter’s wardrobe is complete without the Manchester United away kit and third kit, and true Red Devils can take it up a notch with the Man United range. Show your allegiance to popular Man United…”

My top tips for blending SEO and copy together seamlessly are:

  •  Read your copy out loud. If it doesn’t feel like a natural conversation, rewrite it.
  • Notice how many times your keyword appears. If it’s more than once every 200 words, rewrite it.
  • Dare I say it: write a draft and add your keywords in at the end! If the goal isn’t to engage your audience, your SEO marketing won’t yield results anyway.

Key places to implement your on-page SEO keywords:

  • H1 Headings: Incorporate your primary keyword in the main heading of your page (H1 tag). This helps search engines understand the context of your content and its relevance to users.
  • Body Copy: Sprinkle your target keywords naturally throughout the body of your content. Avoid keyword stuffing (constantly repeating the same words), as it can have the counter effect of damaging your ranking on search engines. This is referred to as Black Hat SEO. Aim for a keyword density of around 1-2% – you can also use plugins or apps like Yoast SEO to automatically tell you if your density is correct.
  • Alt Tags on Photos: Optimize your images by including descriptive alt tags that contain relevant keywords. This not only improves accessibility but also provides additional opportunities for search engines to understand the content of your page.
  • Metadata – see point 3.
  1. Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions are HTML code elements that appear in the search engine results and help tell them what your content is about. Just like words on-page, the title captures the essence of your copy and the description goes a little further into exactly what someone can find if they read it. 

This will also appear on search results to attract attention and clicks from users, so make it compelling. You’ll also need to include your primary keyword. While meta descriptions don’t directly impact SEO, they significantly influence click-through rates and user engagement.

  1. URL Slugs

 A URL slug refers to the portion of the URL that comes after the domain name and provides a brief description of the page’s content. 

For example:

It’s important to make your URL slugs concise, descriptive, and keyword-friendly. Including relevant keywords in your URL slugs can improve the visibility and understandability of your pages by search engines. It’s also a part of SEO that is often forgotten or overlooked.

For example, is much more informative than

  1. Storytelling

You can do all the technical SEO in the world, but if your words and messaging are mediocre, it won’t excite anyone enough to engage or act with your content.

Storytelling is an effective way to captivate users and keep them on your website longer. By weaving narratives into your content, you have a unique opportunity to show who you are, what you’re about, and create a memorable experience your audience relates to. 

The coffee shop that talks about selling 10 signature black coffees yesterday isn’t going to get as many loyal customers as the coffee shop talking about their secret recipe passed down by Grandma which makes their coffee 10x more delicious than a regular cup of joe.

So make sure you don’t miss out on telling great stories. They’re proven to lead to increased shares, backlinks, and overall user engagement/purchases—factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Check out one of our last blogs here to learn more about storytelling in business.

The benefits of on-page SEO Services:

Beyond the obvious of getting you closer to the top of Google, there’s two key benefits of combining SEO with copywriting.

  1. Captivate & Convert Your Audience

With a dash of data and a splash of professional copywriting, we help clients attract their audience, position themselves as a leader in their industry, and compel people to join in and take action. There’s really nothing more exciting to us than watching the power of words convert casual browsers into loyal customers. We use data to help us make it a top priority.

  1. Establish Your Brand Voice

SEO copywriting also allows you to craft a unique brand identity that resonates with your audience. Through carefully crafted content, we can create a powerhouse position that helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with the right people. 

We also offer brand voice strategy sessions / outlines to dive deeper into who you are, what you say, and how you say it.

What Makes My Networks SEO Services Different?

We take a words first approach, which means you’ll get words by writers and data by strategists. 

In other words – rather than offering content as an ‘add on’ service, it’s our main passion. The writing and messaging you receive will be quality! And the SEO is used to back that up and has been professionally refined by countless courses and education we’ve taken to make this a complete package for your business.

Interested in working with us for essential SEO services? Get in touch today.

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