What an SEO Copywriter Can (And Can’t) Do for Your Business

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You’ve probably heard an SEO copywriter is something you need to get your business in front of customers. But if you’re wondering, “What can SEO copywriting really do for my business, and what are its limits?” – I’m here to help with the can’s, cant’s, and the difference between hiring an SEO copywriter and an SEO agency.

What an SEO Copywriter CAN do for your business

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s get one thing straight: an SEO copywriter isn’t just someone who throws a bunch of random keywords into your content. 

A friend of mine once asked if I could write them a blog for SEO only – AKA at a cheaper price that didn’t involve me thinking much about the quality of the content or the narrative. Unfortunately, the answer to this was no. Because although SEO is the route to get eyes on your page – if the copy isn’t educational or entertaining or engaging, it won’t yield the result you are looking for.

In other words, the craft of an SEO copywriter requires the strategy/science of search engine optimization and the art of writing. So here’s exactly what it can bring to your business:

1. Boosting Organic Traffic

Picture this… You’re running a small donut business, and you’ve just launched your new website showcasing all the different flavours from peachesNcream to Darkly Decadent. An SEO copywriter can research relevant keywords such as “donut shop (location)”, “donut makers”, or “chocolate donut”, and implement them into your copy. The not-so-easy trick is to make them sound natural and seamless, while still bettering your chances of showing up when searched. Ultimately leading to more clicks, visits, and of course the main objective: more customers.

Because as someone once said, a website without SEO is like a party without any invites.

2. Enhancing User Experience

Think of your website like a carefully crafted storefront. You want it to be welcoming, inviting, and easy to navigate. SEO copywriters know that content should not only appeal to search engines, but also to real people. 

That’s why they take the time to craft punchy hero headlines, enticing CTAs, and get to know your brand so they can share all the right content and messaging. This helps keep visitors on your site longer as well as exploring different pages – leading to higher chances of conversion (that you didn’t just leave to luck).

3. Building Brand Authority

In a world where trust is one of the primary purchasing powers, SEO copywriting helps establish your brand as a leader in your industry. By providing quality content that is rich in valuable insights, objection handling and addressing your readers’ struggles, you’re not only gaining credibility – but also fostering a lasting relationship with your audience. 

Because the more authority your brand exudes, the more customers will make you their number one choice.

4. Driving Conversions

Let’s cut to the chase – your ultimate goal is to convert website visitors into paying customers. SEO copywriting can help you achieve that.

By persuasively guiding your audience through the buyers’ journey with compelling calls-to-action and enticing offers, you’re more likely to see those conversion rates shoot up, adding some extra digits to your revenue.

What an SEO Copywriter CAN’T do for your business

Alright, now that we’ve explored the many merits of SEO copywriting, it’s time to shed light on its boundaries. Let’s face it, no superpower is without its kryptonite:

1. Not a Magic Wand for Immediate Results

When we use the word organic, we mean this is a sustainable, long-term growth strategy. There’s no quick fix or magic wand to get you on the first page of Google overnight. 

There are other factors that also contribute to your SEO, like domain authority or a search engines’ algorithm. But there’s no doubt that a company with SEO website content is a company putting their best foot forward for online visibility and growth.

2. Not A Substitute for Poor Products or Services

Now, here’s a harsh truth. No matter how well-optimized your content is, if your products or services fall flat, you won’t be winning any awards. 

An SEO copywriter can drive people to your website, but it’s up to your offerings to wow them and keep them coming back for more. Quality products and exceptional customer service remain the backbone of any successful business. And although we can’t write your systems into tip-top shape, we do also offer 1:1 consulting to offer an overview of what’s working in your business, what could be improved, and what needs some serious attention.

3. Unlike An SEO Agency, We’re Not Ranking Your Whole Site

Here’s a common misconception: SEO copywriters focus on optimizing individual pages rather than the entire website. They aim to improve the visibility of specific pages and can also provide valuable guidance. However, their SEO services are focused on on-page elements like keywords, quality content, and can extend to extras like alt tags on your images. But they don’t cover all the aspects of your SEO, like an agency…

That’s because an SEO agency focuses on your SEO as a whole, from your website and copy to off-page SEO methods like building backlinks, guest posts, and local listings. 

What makes My Networks different from an SEO agency is that we employ a Words First approach. This means your copy and communications are always our first priority, and the words/messaging you receive are always high quality – written by a real copywriter who has spent years honing their craft.

4. Can’t Control Search Engine Algorithms

The Algorithm! I’m sure if you’re on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn you never want to hear this word again. But I’m sorry to say, it also applies to your website’s SEO.

As much as SEO copywriters strive to play by the rules of search engines, they can’t control the algorithms themselves. They are complex, ever-changing, and sometimes mysterious. A page that ranks well today might not fare as well tomorrow, but that’s the unpredictable nature of SEO.

Regardless, an SEO strategy is still a solid strategy. And I’ll tell you a secret I should perhaps keep to myself as an SEO copywriter! But for the launch of my first website (because this thing has changed and evolved many times throughout the years), I didn’t apply SEO – even though I had the skills and knowledge. I wanted it up and running as fast as possible, so I wrote the content, plus some non-SEO blogs, and uploaded it without the keyword research.

The result? No leads. No inquiries. Zilch.

And in fact, it cost me more time and more resources than if I had done it from the beginning.

But now? More leads, more inquiries, more traffic. I did the hard work, and I’m slowly watching it pay off. Lesson learned: there’s no point rushing or trying to fast-forward to the good parts. Slow growth is the only growth.

Finding the Sweet Spot

You’ll want a mixture of on-page and off-page SEO to see results in your strategy. But the first place to start is always your website. 

It’s the home of your brand: the place you show who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently than everyone else on the internet block.

As an SEO copywriter, I’m here to help you focus on search engines AND your end users. I won’t keyword stuff, I won’t ignore your audience, and I won’t string together a few sentences without any thought or strategy.

What I will do is provide the research, create valuable content, and carefully consider your brand to make sure your copy represents your message and image while resonating with the right people. I’ll also make sure it sounds natural and easy, like a sofa-and-snacks hang with a long-time friend.

If you want help with your website copywriting, blog copywriting, or email marketing – don’t hesitate to send a message and let’s discuss your needs and goals.

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