Is It Time to Hire a Website Content Writer & Gain More Customers?

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Written by website content writer, Melissa McDonald

Frustrated with how your website sounds? Not getting enough inquiries/sales and wondering why that competitor who started at the same time has grown so fast? 

Building your brand DOES, in fact, require a dash of rocket science and a sprinkle of creativity. Because to truly take off, you need a well-thought-out strategy and the right words and messaging to bring your offer to market.

And the quality of the words on your website plays a HUGE role in this. 

Whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation, what you say and how you say it matters. For example, which sounds more appealing to you?

“We’re passionate about helping people get fit because we believe it fosters a healthy life” (AKA generic we-we website copy).


“Fed up with low energy? Tired of not loving the way you look? In as little as 2 months, we improve your fitness so you can live your life with more joy and stamina”.

…To nurture ready-to-buy customers through your website, you need to hone in on your audience’s current state of mind and the end result they desire. If you don’t currently do this, you’ll be nodding your head like a sleepy pup at these ten signs you need to hire a website content writer.

But first, what’s the difference between a website content writer and a website copywriter?

A website copywriter crafts your brand messaging and marketing copy for your website/landing pages. EG headlines, clear information, CTA buttons, and compelling website narratives. They focus specifically on conversion techniques and persuasive writing to encourage sales.

A website content writer crafts collateral like blogs, how-to guides, and case studies. They focus more on nurturing your audience and building trust to take your audience into the next stage of the buyer’s journey. 

A LOT of people think a website content writer and copywriter are the same thing. In this blog *because hey, this is for SEO purposes and a lot of people looking for a copywriter are actually searching for a ‘content writer’*, we’ll stick to the term website content writer. But now you know a copywriter and content writer do in fact require different skills.

I, (Melissa), personally do both.

10 Signs You Need To Hire a Website Content Writer

1. Your Content Isn’t Generating Leads or Sales (Or You Haven’t Launched Yet)

The obvious one: high bounce rates, no notifications that someone engaged with your website? It can feel deflating. But it doesn’t mean what you offer isn’t GREAT, or it isn’t needed/wanted by your audience. 

What it does mean, is that your messaging isn’t enough to cut through the clutter and make your brand stand out. And it’s time to revisit the drawing board to turn your user journey into a compelling website narrative. One that shows people the information they need to see, in the order they need to see it, and guides them to the action you want them to take.

On the flip side, if you’re only just getting ready to launch your website but you can’t find the right words or know it sounds flat – this is also your sign!

2. You’re Struggling to Communicate Your USP and Brand Messaging

Over 4 million businesses exist in Canada alone, which means you’re probably not launching a product or service without ANY competition.

To hold your ground as a successful business in 2023 and beyond, you need to zero in on what makes you different from everyone else. Sounds easy, right? However, this can actually be a very complex and challenging process. Despite knowing you have something unique to offer.

A website content writer can help you get to the heart of your brand to understand what makes you the number one choice in your market, and turn it into can’t-ignore website copy and brand messaging.

Once you have this step complete, you’ll not only stop obsessing over your competition because you have more customers and leads coming in, you can also bring this messaging across all channels from your email marketing to your social media posts. Building a solid foundation for your brand to thrive.

3. You Lack Consistency

If you sound like a high school student one minute and a formal barrister the next, you can bet your bottom dollar anyone reading your site will be confused at the contrast too. The same goes if you’re talking about your offer one minute and the next there’s an “about me” blurb about why you love cats.

Consistency is key in building brand recognition and trust. If your content lacks a consistent tone, style, or messaging across various pages and sections, it can confuse your audience and weaken your brand identity. A content writer can help you identify your voice, structure your user journey, and stay consistent across every page of your website for a professional finish. Because who wants to be a butcher block if you can be a black-striped panda marble?

4. You’re Struggling With SEO

We’ve all heard of SEO by now. But does it really matter? 

I’ve had A LOT of clients tell me they started their business because they love what they do, not because they knew how to market it. And the truth is – SEO is generally a faster way to see a return on investment for your time and money. Because you don’t need to be in constant content creation mode like social media – and your website is a key place for conversion over brand awareness or community engagement.

In other words, once you’ve set your website up for success – you know you’re in a good place to start making some sales. But this doesn’t mean you only need to do it once and never again. Your website copy should be updated every few years, alongside monthly blogs to keep up with your SEO.

PRO TIP: you can turn your blogs into social posts. Hey Presto! Even less work.

5. You’re Overwhelmed With Writing & Finding The Time

It sounds too wordy, too corporate, too stale? Or maybe it sounds like your 5 year old daughter wrote it?

Whatever the perception, it can be frustrating when your copy doesn’t sound “quite right” or fit with your brand. And that’s where a professional website content writer comes in, to lessen the load and deliver high-quality copy that sounds like you AND your customers. Because there’s lots of moving parts for your website narrative, and it needs to reflect your brand, your audience, and guide your readers smoothly from A to B. But a professional writer can help you meet impending deadlines and free up your time for other daily tasks. We find this enjoyable, too!

6. You Need Professional Editing and Proofreading

Professionalism and attention to detail matter in the world of business. Typos, grammatical errors, and poorly constructed sentences can undermine your credibility and damage your brand’s reputation. If you lack the time or expertise to thoroughly edit and proofread your content, a content writer can swoop right in and save the day.

We also bring a fresh perspective – which can help identify and correct issues you or your team might have missed.

7. Your Content Doesn’t Resonate With Your Target Audience

Your target audience is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating website content that connects and converts your audience. Which means before any writing starts, you need a good idea of who you’re talking to, what they value, and what they desire or are currently needing help with.

If you’re not seeing sales or you’re not sure where to start, a content writer can help you deep dive into your target audience and craft a website narrative that speaks directly to them. From homepage copy to product or service descriptions, every aspect of your site should resonate with the people who matter. Because it really is more than just words on a page – it’s offering someone a solution to a need they have, and creating some excitement or hope while you’re at it.

8. You Want to Elevate Your Brand Image

Your brand image is NOT just a logo or a tagline. It’s who you are, what you stand for, and what sets you apart from the competition. And this is where a Vancouver website  content writer like me can help.

Together, I help clients get to the core of who they are, where they want to go, and showcase this in a clear narrative on their website. We do this by defining their unique voice, value proposition, values, brand story, and translating it all into audience-centric content for their website.

With quality website content that helps elevate your brand, you can turn your website into an automatic selling machine! Not to mention, repurposing your brand messaging across all marketing platforms for consistency.

9. You’re Expanding Your Online Presence

We all know when we start out, we’re DIY-ing A LOT. And that’s ok if you’re on a limited budget. But as your business grows, so should your online presence. Because every year you’ll have a better understanding of your audience, the content they engage with, the products/ services you need to hone in on, and the markets you’re wanting to reach.

A professional website content writer can ensure the words on your website remain relevant for the brand you want to be as you grow and evolve.

10. You Want to Maximize Your ROI

Hiring a website content writer in Vancouver might seem like an expense, but it IS an investment in your business’s success. 

When you have SEO website content that’s carefully crafted for brand-building and conversion, it’s a proven way to show up online, increase interactions with your site, and boost your overall revenue. Which means the money invested to hire a professional wordsmith can be a fast and efficient way to see your money returned (and then some!).


If your hand went up more than once, it’s time to consider bringing in a professional website content writer!

Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped countless clients turn confused, long-winded, and dull messaging into website narratives that book clients and ring in customers on repeat.

If you’re ready to elevate your website copy so you can show up online with confidence, get in touch today. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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