Does Your Business Really Need a Blog?

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You know a blog is important. Kind of like that first sip of coffee in the morning. But how exactly does it work to build your brand, share your mission, and help you make more money to continue to pursue the work you love?

A money-making blog isn’t an overnight thing. You’re not going to start today and wake up to 50 new customers tomorrow (unless you share it on social media somewhere and it’s a freakishly viral hit). 

But if you start with one blog post per month, you can start to build benefits for your business like:

  1. Brand Authority

By giving your brand a platform to voice fresh opinions and perspectives in your industry / niche, you’re creating an opportunity to position yourself as a trusted thought leader and creative thinker.

Building your blog with purpose, rather than creating one just because you feel like you have to, can be a cost-effective segue into the minds and hearts of your audience.

The key? Provide value; provide new ideas that get people (re)thinking. 

  1. More Traffic

A website without any visitors? >> A pretty sad party.

Especially if you’ve invested a lot of money to make it look and sound exactly like you and your potential customers.

But that’s where your blog can swoop in! To help new visitors discover your brand through search engines and social media. And once they read a blog they love? You can bet they’re going to be interested to find out who you are and learn more about your company.

It’s good to think of it like a first conversation. If someone likes what they hear/see, they’re going to want to continue talking to you.

  1. Increased SEO

How many people would still create blogs if there was no end goal?

There’s certainly a lot of bloggers who blog for the love it. Sitting down to share their thoughts and feelings on a topic they love brings them a sense of fulfillment and joy. I admit I am one of these strange creatures!

But for many brands, blogging is a pathway to better SEO, which means better results in search engines, which means better organic traffic numbers for your website.

With high-quality, keyword-rich content, you can start to increase your visibility on the internet with relatively low cost investments. Wondering what SEO services your website needs? Check out my latest blog.

  1. Authentic Relationships

You don’t necessarily need to write in first person to get personal.

Whether you’re writing as yourself or ghostwriting for a brand, blogging is a proven way to build connections. The real secret here is being able to turn information and ideas into captivating stories and narratives.

Unlike your website copy, a blog gives you the opportunity to expand on your insights and experiences. This helps build stronger relationships with your customers and followers because when readers see value in what you’re sharing, or can place themselves inside the story you’re telling, it helps them identify with and feel connected to you…

Which ultimately moves someone further along your buyers’ journey.

  1. New Leads

Every blog should include a clear CTA. At least at the end of the article. 

Whether you want people to read more, contact you, subscribe to your newsletter… blogs are a great opportunity to nurture and capture leads. If they already made it this far, aka to the bottom of your page, you’re in a good position to encourage them to take the next step. So make sure you don’t spend all that time and effort crafting a dastardly great piece of writing, only to forget to include what you want people to do next.

Have a clear goal in mind, and implement the right language to motivate your audience to interact further.


Want more eyes and engaged readers on your copy? From SEO blogs to brand new websites, get in touch today to discuss your personal needs.

Let’s take your business from survival to steady with the power of a Words First approach.

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